How to use same WhatsApp Account on Different phone?

Are you trying to use same WhatsApp Account on different phone? If you did not find an authentic method, do not worry. In this article, we will explain step-by-step techniques for using the same WhatsApp on different phones.

Use Same WhatsApp Account on different phone

Understanding WhatsApp Multi-Device Feature

You can use the same WhatsApp account on different phones without risking your security. This feature allows you to access your WhatsApp on multiple devices, no matter where your original device is on or off, on which you created WhatsApp. 

WhatsApp’s Multi-Device Feature enables users to switch between their smartphone, tablet, desktop, and other compatible devices without any interruption to their conversations. This allows users to remain connected to WhatsApp regardless of the device they are using, providing them with exceptional flexibility and convenience.

How to Set Up WhatsApp on Multiple Devices

To set your WhatsApp on multiple devices, you have to follow these steps.

Open the Blue WhatsApp Plus App

Click on the 3 bars located in the upper right corner.

3 bars

Click on the settings.


Here, you have to click on the linked devices option.

linked devices

Click on it and again tap on the link to a device.

link a device

Here, you have the option to scan the QR code or link with your phone number instead.

qr code

Now, go to the other device with which you want to connect your WhatsApp.

Open WhatsApp on that device.

Select the language as English and then agree and continue.

Now click on three bars and select the link as a companion device

Here, it displays a QR code. Scan this code on WhatsApp, which you want to connect to this device.


Managing Conversations Across Devices

After performing all the steps mentioned above, your WhatsApp is now connected to different phones. With centralized management, users can switch between devices anytime without security and integrity risks. You can use both devices simultaneously. Users have control over notifications and settings across all devices.

Device Requirements

The WhatsApp Multi-Device Feature works across various devices and operating systems, including smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers. It supports Android, iOS, Windows and Mac and has minimal device requirements for broad accessibility.


Follow this step-by-step guide to use Blue WhatsApp Plus on multiple devices. Blue WhatsApp Plus provides additional features not available in any other enhanced version. No other WhatsApp provides this feature of using a single WhatsApp on multiple devices. Only Blue WhatsApp Plus provides this feature.

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