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Blue WhatsApp Plus v10.1

Blue WhatsApp Plus APK is a modified version of WhatsApp that offers a unique messaging experience with customizable themes and advanced privacy settings. It’s great for users who want more control and personalization in their messaging app.













We know it’s very irritating when there are no more options or features according to our needs in the original WhatsApp. then, you do not need to get tensed about it now because Blue WhatsApp Plus APK is here to resolve all your problems with all the features you want.

Now if you are somewhere busy at your work and you don’t see your girlfriend or any other person’s message and he deletes that message then don’t worry you are using Blue WhatsApp this time. A deleted message will not be removed from your chats.

What is Blue WhatsApp Plus Apk

This upgraded version of the original WhatsApp provides extra features unavailable in the original one. It also offers additional features and customization options to its users. This  third-party app provides end-to-end encryption for its users, meaning that the chat between you and your friend is only available to you, and no one can see or read it. There are many modded or upgraded versions in the market, but our WhatsApp gives you more features and is more secure than other apps. You can also download Blue WhatsApp For iOS.

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Blue Whatsapp Plus vs WhatsApp

WhatsAppWhatsApp Plus
Simple app that most people use.Upgraded version of the original WhatsApp
Gives you basic features of chats, calling, and group chats.Comes with extra features like anti-message deletion, customization, hide chats, status downloader, and many more.
The official app provided by Whatsapp INCNot, an official app but, an upgraded version of it.
Support provided by official WhatsApp INCNot, officially supported WhatsApp INC

Features of Blue WhatsApp Plus

The following features are provided by this version of the app.


Upon opening the app, you will notice its original interface and color scheme. However, if you find that the default interface and colors are not to your liking, you can customize them to suit your preferences. The app allows you to adjust various settings such as fonts, colors, background images, and icons to create a personalized experience.

Steps to Customize Home Screen

  • Click on the three bars 
  • Go to the Plus mods 
  • Scroll down here and open the home screen option, here you can set all the preferences as per your requirement.

Hide Blue Tick And Double Tick

When someone sends you a message on WhatsApp, the double and blue ticks indicate that the message has been delivered and read, respectively. Our moded WhatsApp allows you to hide your double and blue ticks in the app. 

Steps to hide blue & double-tick

  • Click on the three bars 
  • Go to the Plus mods 
  • Open Privacy & Lock and here you can change the settings of blue tick and double tick.

Hide online status

This feature is also unavailable in original WhatsApp, but Blue WhatsApp gives you access to this option. You can hide your online status in this mode version of WhatsApp by following these steps.

  • Click on the three bars 
  • Goto Plus Mods
  •  Scroll down and open the settings Whatsapp
  • And Enable This option

Hide Typing Status

This feature is also unavailable in original WhatsApp, but Blue WhatsApp gives you access to this option. You can hide your typing status from others so they don’t know whether you are typing a message. To hide your typing status, follow these steps.

  • Click on three bars, open plus mods, and then click privacy lock and disable typing status

Create a backup

As you know, other WhatsApp-modded apps don’t provide this feature, but Blue WhatsApp Plus also provides the feature to back up your chats. To create a backup of your chats and media, you have to perform these steps.

  • Click on three bars
  • Open settings 
  • Click on chats 
  • Press chat backup here

Free calling

Like the official WhatsApp, Blue WhatsApp also provides a calling option. You can make audio or video calls with your friends or anyone you want.

free calling

Status Downloader & Hide Seen

You can hide the seen status from your friends so that they don’t know whether you have seen their status or not. You can even download them without knowing their status. You cannot use both of these options in plain WhatsApp, but Blue WhatsApp is a modded version of the original WhatsApp, which is why we provide such additional features to our users.  

How to Download Status

To download the status of your friend that you want. While watching their status, you can see an option in the left button section, just click on that button and download the status.

How to hide seen

To hide from your friends. You have to do this only while viewing your friend’s status, don’t click this button, when you click it it will show your friends that you are seeing their status but if you click this button If you don’t click, they won’t know if you’ve seen their status or not.

  • Click on three bars 
  • Go to Plus mods
  • Select privacy and lock 
  • Scroll down and there you will see these options

Schedule message

In this app, you can schedule your messages. By doing this, your message will be delivered only at the time you specify.

Steps to schedule a message

  • Open the App
  • Click on three bars in the right corner
  • Click on the message schedule
  • Select the schedule option, and then set the date and time on which you want this message to be delivered
  • Tap on the confirm button
  • Congrats! Your message is now scheduled

Separate Chats & Group Windows

Blue WhatsApp has your contacts and group chats in separate windows so you can easily access any of them.

chat and group windows

Anti delete message

This app provides you with the anti-delete messages feature. With this feature, if any of your friends accidentally delete a message from their chat, you can still read it. In our modded version, deleted messages from their end won’t affect your side. The deleted message remains available on your side, allowing you to view it even after deletion.

  • Click on three bars
  • Open Plus Mods
  • Click on Privacy and Lock
  • Enable Anti delete message from here

Anti delete status

This app provides you with the anti-delete status feature. With this feature, if any of your friends accidentally delete a status from their end, you can still see it. In our modded version, the deleted status from their end won’t affect your side. The deleted status remains available on your side, allowing you to view it even after deletion.

  • Click on three bars
  • Open Plus Mods
  • Click on Privacy and Lock
  • Enable Anti Delete Status from here

Freeze the last scene

You can freeze your last scene in this, so no one can see when you were last active on WhatsApp.

Airplane mode

If you want to use the internet without showing yourself active on WhatsApp or receiving messages on WhatsApp, just click on the blue WhatsApp Airplane Mode. When you activate this option, airplane mode will be activated only on WhatsApp, by doing this you will not receive messages from anyone. You can easily use the internet without being disturbed by your friends’ messages.

Dark mode

  • To use dark mode, open the app on your device.
  • Tap on the three dots in the right corner to see several options.
  • Select the settings option from here.
  • Tap on themes.
  • Choose dark mode from here.
  • Click on it and confirm it to apply.

Auto reply

You can schedule auto-reply to messages, so on selected messages that you choose the WhatsApp bot will automatically reply to those messages.

  • Go to Plus Modes, and select the Auto Reply option here.

Additional Features

Use Both WhatsApp

You can use both, Blue WhatsApp Plus, and original WhatsApp on your phone at the same time.

Home Screen Customizable

You can customize the home screen in this mod version as per your wishes.

Change Fonts & Colours

You can change the color of the text, and also change the font style from the settings as per your need.

Direct messaging

Before Blue WhatsApp, you had to save an unknown number before you could text them, but after this, you can send a direct message to an unknown number without saving it.

Privacy setting

In this enhanced app, You can set your privacy settings.

Supporting multiple languages

Blue Whatsapp also supports multiple languages at a same time.

How To Download Blue WhatsApp Plus APK For Android

To download the latest version of this WhatsApp Plus APK, click the download button below

Application NameBlue WhatsApp Plus
Current Versionv10.1
Scan ReportNo Malware Detected
FormatAPK File
Requires Android4.5 and Up
Last Updated1 min ago

A progress bar now appears in your notification panel. You can see the download details there.

How To Install Blue WhatsApp Plus on Android

To install this application perform these steps

  • It is a third-party app so your mobile will not allow you to install it. You need to go to your mobile Settings > Security > and allow installation of unknown apps.
  • The next step is now to click on the apk you have downloaded
  • Click on the Install button.
  • It will take some seconds to install
  • After finishing the installation, you can see a shortcut of this app on your home screen, click to open it.

Pros and Cons

Enhance customization
Provides you with additional features
Provides you with Community support
Provides advanced privacy options 
Lack of official WhatsApp support
Security risks
Violates terms and services of the original WhatsApp 


Our final words are that if you want extra features like anti-delete messages and status or any other extra features, then you can download and use Blue WhatsApp Plus. However, if you don’t want these features, then we recommend you use the original WhatsApp. Another thing about this app is that you can also download Blue WhatsApp For PC. It is a completely secure app, so you don’t need to worry about your data while using this app.


You can download the latest version of Blue WhatsApp from BlueChatPro.

You can update the latest version of Blue WhatsApp from BlueChatPro

Yes, Blue WhatsApp is a completely safe app to use.

Yes, you can use both WhatsApp at the same time.

It’s a completely free application.